Valley Trunk

Branding Project

Valley Trunk stands out as an exclusive vacation retreat on the serene Virgin Gorda Island in the British Virgin Islands. With such a beautiful location to sell, situated in a luxurious setting, inspiration for the branding was almost overwhemling.


The presence of turtles, a key attraction that frequents the bay and beaches, became central to our branding strategy. We crafted a watercolour style design using colours inspired by the sea and drawn from the local surroundings.

Stationery & look-book

Building on this theme, we developed a range of stationery items including business cards, compliment slips, and letterheads for both the property and its guests. Additionally, to support Valley Trunk’s sales activities, we created a captivating look-book. Designed to showcase Valley Trunk’s allure and charm, the look-book serves as a compelling marketing tool, enticing potential clients with a glimpse into this unparalleled oasis of luxury and tranquility.

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