Monckton Chambers

Stationery, Brochure & Invite Design

Monckton Chambers, a prominent barristers’ chambers located in London, boasts a diverse practice spanning various areas of commercial and civil law. Their expertise shines in EU law, competition, commercial litigation, arbitration, VAT, indirect taxes, and public & administrative law, with a keen focus on the interplay between domestic law, EU regulations, and international human rights law.

Given their extensive roster of practitioners covering a wide array of legal disciplines, Monckton sought cohesive printed materials that could collectively represent their diverse expertise. To address this, we developed a comprehensive colour chart and swatch system, allowing each area of law to be distinctly identified through unique patterns and accent colours. When displayed together, these elements formed a cohesive brand statement, while retaining individuality when presented separately. Additionally, we ensured that generic stationery branding maintained a strong and impactful presence. Our scope also extended to producing promotional items and event invitations to further enhance Monckton’s visibility and reputation.

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