Ford – Digital Publishing App

Metro took on the challenge of creating a digital “tech” magazine for their client Ford, with the primary goal of showcasing the innovative features of the Ford Focus. Our team was entrusted with designing and building the entire app experience for both tablet and phone platforms, as well as the advertorial content within paper.

The project spanned four editions, released weekly – each featuring fresh and engaging content tailored to tech-savvy audiences. Collaborating closely with the Metro editorial team, we conceptualised and implemented innovative features to enhance user interaction and provide a dynamic reading experience. One standout feature was the ‘flip’ functionality, which utilised the device accelerometer to reveal hidden content as readers engaged with articles. This interactive element added a layer of excitement and discovery, encouraging users to explore the magazine’s offerings further.

The magazine covered a range of tech-related topics, including upcoming technology breakthroughs, features on wearable technology and advancements that have improved the quality of human life. Social integration and tracking capabilities were integrated to enhance user engagement and facilitate sharing across digital platforms.

Upon the completion of the four editions, we compiled all issues into a collated edition – providing readers with easy access to the complete collection of content. The digital magazine was made available for download through Metro’s app on both Android and iOS devices, ensuring widespread accessibility and visibility among tech enthusiasts.

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