Open University – Digital Publishing

We were requested to help develop a digital publishing feature for Metro Newspaper as part of an editorial campaign in collaboration with the Open University. This initiative was designed to complement the concurrent print campaign that we were also responsible for and ran for a duration of 8 weeks.

Our team were responsible for the design and production of one article per week, which would then be built, tested and published within Metro’s app. Each article was optimised for both mobile and tablet platforms, ensuring accessibility for users on iOS and Android devices.

As the campaign progressed, we compiled all the published content into a collated version, which was subsequently released as a special edition in the Metro app. The content delved into various aspects of higher education, exploring topics such as the tangible and intangible benefits of a university degree, the evolving shape of remote learning and insightful interviews with academics from the Open University.

The impact of this project was truly noteworthy – receiving recognition and praise in the Houses of Parliament upon its release. This acknowledgment underscored the campaign’s success in effectively engaging and informing audiences about the value and opportunities offered by higher education, as well as showcasing the innovative partnership between Metro and the Open University.

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