We take a look at what is creatively trending and what is so last year.

What's hot, what's not, what's working, what's shirking

Design observations, trends, the fickleness of fashion
The graphic design industry, like any industry really, is formed by its culture, lives within its culture and affects others through it, whilst at the same time being affected by others.

Unlike many other industries though, the world of graphic design is extremely subjective. So rather than contradicting that by informing you on what we feel graphic design culture is, or should be, we will instead, try to inform you of what we are currently seeing, requestes that we receive - from the bizarre to the mundane, all from our admittedly opiniated point of view.

So in these pages you will find what trends we are finding within logo design, graphic design and web site design. What sectors we are working for, what these sectors are requesting and what we are finding that they are doing within their sector, or own cultures.

If you are seeing anything that we are not and would like to inform us of this then please do let us know. Our own experiences within graphic design are just that. They are not intended to be that of anyone else, or what the graphic design culture should be. We love to hear about your experiences and views, so get in touch and let us know.