Our perspective on the ever changing digital landscape.

An almost infinite marketplace

Some graphic design agencies target certain sectors, they actually market themselves towards certain kinds of clients and so become specialists in a field. We are not one of these graphic design agencies. We do not actively look to specialise in a particular market, we like to be fresh for whatever project is asked of us and we do this by having a great cross section of clients.

Global is now local...so take control of your web content
From a web site design point of view, this is very interesting as you see what is going on in all these sectors that you are working for. That said, it is strange how sectors come in groups. For instance, we seem to get one particular type of client in and then three more within the same sector will come through the door! In the past year, we have had an awful lot of work within the financial services sector, jewellery sites and fashion.

Out of all the projects that we have been involved with, there are a few things that seem to be coming to the fore now. As the web has progressed, more and more clients are seeing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as a necessity. The web has become a very competitive marketplace and so making it as easy for potential customers to find them is of the utmost importance. We used to find that setting up the basics was as far as a client's interest went in SEO, but now many more clients are much more open to the idea of actually spending money on SEO in terms of a campaign.

I guess the key to this is as clients become more web savvy and understand the medium a little more, they become less sceptical about it and so are willing to throw more money at it. Also, as SEO becomes more advanced, then you have to make it accountable and if a client can see exactly the effects of the money they spend, then it can be seen of value.

So now most sites will come with an SEO campaign of some sort. The campaign particulars will be led by the client's sector and how competitive it is, but more and more clients are erring towards the more long term, and not just settling at a finite campaign, but instead seeing the benefit of an ongoing campaign.

The main other request across the board seems to be for sites to be built so that the client may update the content themselves via a CMS (Content Management System). Again, it's a long term goal that has come from how clients perceive the web. Instead of sites being something that they feel they must have because their competitors have one, now they are seen as something of some worth that will actually work for them, make their lives easier and also win the business. So to help increase their life span and life worth most clients will ask for a CMS.