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Direct Mail is reborn.
So you have an amazing product or service, and you want to let people know all about it, but how is the best way to inform your target market? Sending out an HTML email is cheap, but is it effective? With spam being at an all time high, and the mail inbox being seen as the number one time wasting element in the workplace, it has never been harder to gain stand out in an already cluttered environment. So can a Direct Mail design really stand on it's own in today's overly digital market place?

Creating Direct Mail stand out on the door mat.
With many agencies concentrating on what is seen as more modern approaches or channels of communication, Direct Mail campaigns are sometimes seen as old hat. Direct mail has been around for a long time, but does does that mean a direct mail design is less effective?

Well many marketeers are seeing the opposite. As less people see competent direct mail design as a solution, so the amount sent out is lessened. Instead, we all see direct mail as pizza menus, cleaners and chinese restaurants. In such a graphic design free environment, surely that just makes it easier to create significant stand out?

As with any communication channel, the first issue to overcome is the target actually reading the words that you have so painstakingly crafted. A well considered and targeted direct mail design can increase the chances that thew target will not only pick it up, but actually read it. A professional direct mail design can stop your piece being thrown straight into the bin.

Direct mail makes sense.
We are all people and as such rely on our senses. An HTML email design can look beautiful and intriguing, but that is just the issue, it can just look. It can only really hit one of our senses.

A direct mail design can take into account all of our senses, it is something real that you can touch, open and interact with. It can smell and sound, releasing past memories. A well crafted direct mail design can excite and create intrigue where an email will have to work much harder to do even part of the same.

Think about it, when was the last time you got excited about a direct marketing email? We can all probably remember receiving something through the post, something that piqued our interest, that was clever and got us thinking. The thrill of getting something delivered through your door is something that a direct mail design can help unlock for your brand.

Direct mail can be an integrated, modern solution.
It is true, that today's market is a very different place then when all companies used direct mail as their main approach to their target market. New digital channels and solutions emerge every week, social media is the new place to hang out. There is nothing wrong with any of this, in fact, direct mail design should embrace it.

Any successful campaign is not just one piece. We should be looking to engage the brand and take them on a journey. A well planned direct mail design can take the recipient from off line to an online experience. Direct mail design can be an exciting and intriguing beginning to a digital journey. By incorporating web site design, PURLs, HTML emails, the simple and much forgotten direct mail design really can make a campaign.

Direct mail is a personal preference.
We have all probably heard how important data is today, how it is key to know your audience. This could never be more true for a direct mail design.

Personalisation, we have all seen it, or think we have. We get emails, and letters, with our name on it. Not overly impressive. Done well though, personalising a direct mail design can help create a connection to the brand for the recipient.

We can allow for variable data in any direct mail design. We can say their company name, favourite colour, pets name, where they holidayed last year...whatever data we know, we can allow for in a direct mail design.

By using a personalised URL (a PURL is a web address followed by the name of the recipient), a direct mail response can appear even more intriguing. Seeing your name in a web address, now that can generate a massive uplift in response, and at the same time allow your direct mail design to suddenly become digital and as trackable as an email!

So you think direct mail design is old hat? Think it can't compete? We think you would be surprised just how impressive direct mail design can be for your brand. Get in touch today.