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Stationery design in London, UK

A business, or brand, is only as strong as the foundation it's built upon. Whilst a strong and well considered logo design can ensure you catch the eye and stay front of mind, if the rest of the business communications do not act as an integrated extension of the brand, the communication itself will seem disjointed. this can break the engagement with the brand, and so business as a whole. This is where a professional stationery design can work wonders for your business.

If the corporate website design and logo are the flag on top of the business, the stationery that goes out on a daily basis is definitely the bricks and mortar. Well designed stationery can subtly back up the tone of voice and vision that the rest of the company strives so hard to achieve.

a fish in sea's designers have helped build these vital foundations and evolved brands for many successful businesses across many sectors. Our skill and expertise in understanding existing corporate identity giuidelines and creating a new corporate identity, means we are perfectly positioned to strengthen your brand and ensure that your communications are an integral part of the business.

Business Card Design

Leading from the front, the business card is so much more than a piece of card with your name and address on. It captures some of our strongest senses. You can please the eyes with beautiful and engaging aesthetics. Make the details easy digestible as they jump off the page willing the recipient to read them. Whilst this happens, delight the sense of touch with an unusual tactile experience that will ensure that your business card is not only kept, but shown to others.

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Letterhead Design

Most people do not think about their letterhead when it comes to stationery design. It is just something they print onto when they draft a letter. These letters, or any printed communication for that matter, obviously carry importance, or they would not be printed in the first place. So why diminish the message by printing onto something knocked up by the office temp in Word?

We have all seen them, misaligned details and clip art in the corners! What does thast really say about your business? A well designed letterhead should be subtle in its impact, leaving the stand out for the copy, but with this comes reassurance and an underlying message picked up by the senses without the recipient even realising. The stock it is printed on, the finishing, should all work together to carry the message and ensure it is read. This is the art of great letterhead design.

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Compliment Slip Design

The much forgotten piece of stationery design. When communicating to a prospective, or current client, you would not end the conversation without any common courtesy. The simple act of a 'please', 'thank you' or 'speak to you soon' should be a requirement for your business. So why miss out such easy to fulfil and expected courtesies when sending something out by post for example?

Think of those times when you have received a package with nothing inside but a CD or brochure. Nothing inside to convey who it is from or what it is for. It is such a simple thing to quickly write a note of gratitude or instruction on a compliment slip and quickly pop it into the package. This is where professional compliment slip design can rescue your external and internal relationships, whilst strengthening the brand and ensuring your business is seen as a courteous one, a company it is a pleasure to work with. How easy can it be?

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