Eye catching point of sale design makes that extra purchase at the till.

Point of sale (POS) design in London, UK

Position your product with point of sale design
POS, or point of sale, is everywhere today. It is hard to go anywhere without coming across it, whether the public are aware of it or not. Potential customers are constantly bombarded with products to buy, even before they enter a shop!

It is, essentially, like external packaging of the product itself, but once removed!
The approach of creating a successful point of sale display is not as simple as creating an eye catching design. The design of the point of sale display has to not only sell the product to the customer, but also act as an extension of the product itself. The point of sale design must continue the branding of the company, as well as the product it is selling.

a fish in sea understand this and so their designers will fully research the target market of not only the product itself, but also where the best place for the point of sale display is to go in the particular environment. This is all part of the process. In fact, point of sale design is as much about identifying the market as it is about identifying what type, or style, of design would be best suited. Indeed, many projects that involve point of sale design will have many pieces of design to cover all of the possible sales points.

To achieve a good result from this type of project it is important to fully understand all of the above so that the graphic design team can be sure that all aspects and angles have been covered.

When the project is approached in this manner point of sale design really does become an object in blanket marketing, whilst incorporating an all encompassing packaging design.