Black Women Rising

Branding, Invite & Social Post Design

Black Women Rising is a groundbreaking cancer support project founded in 2019 by the award-winning community champion Leanne Pero MBE. After bravely battling breast cancer at the age of just 30, Leanne was inspired to create a support network that would fill the gaps she experienced in her own journey. Her personal struggle illuminated a significant issue: the NHS lacked cancer support packages specifically tailored for BAME (Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic) cancer patients.

Our journey with Black Women Rising began with a mission to raise awareness and provide support for this vital cause. We were delighted to be commissioned to help elevate the project’s visibility and impact. Working with Leanne and her incredible team, we have engaged in a variety of creative and promotional endeavours that have contributed to the project’s success.


We have developed compelling presentations that articulate the project’s goals and achievements, designed striking illustrations that capture the essence of the Black Women Rising mission, and produced eye-catching flyers to spread the word.

On social channels, we have helped create engaging posts for this strong online community and drive awareness. Our video cover pages add a dynamic visual element that captivates viewers and encourages them to learn more and get involved. Each piece of work we have created serves a unique purpose, reflecting the incredible dedication of Leanne and her team.


Black Women Rising has not only provided crucial support for BAME cancer patients but has also sparked important conversations about representation and inclusivity in cancer care. By amplifying the voices of BAME cancer patients, the project challenges misconceptions and educates the wider community about the diverse experiences of those affected by cancer.

Through creative efforts, we have seen the profound impact that a well-crafted message can have. The stories of Black Women Rising resonate deeply, fostering empathy, understanding and a collective drive to support this essential cause. It has been a privilege to work alongside Leanne, whose vision and tenacity continue to inspire us.

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