Institution Quraysh, a prominent London-based law firm, entrusted us with the task of defining a brand identity that would effectively communicate their values and expertise to their clientele. Drawing inspiration from the symbolic significance of the Kabbah, we refined a logo that served as a visual representation of the firm’s ethos and heritage.

Following the successful development of the logo our collaboration with Institution Quraysh we embarked on the development of a CMS-driven website for Institution Quraysh. With our expertise in web design and development we deployed a user friendly website that showcased the firm’s range of legal services and provided visitors with insight into their areas of specialisation.

To enhance the site’s appeal and credibility, we opted for a classic colour palette of blue and grey, chosen for its ability to evoke feelings of trust, professionalism, and reliability. Through careful attention to detail and an understanding of the firm’s identity and objectives, we delivered a cohesive branding and digital solution that positioned Institution Quraysh as a trusted authority in the legal domain.

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