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We collaborated with Hello! Magazine to help with the design and artwork of their promotional pages. The objective was to seamlessly integrate these single or double-page spread (DPS) features into the magazine’s established style, ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for the readers.

By aligning the promotional content with the magazine’s aesthetic, we aimed to maintain a consistent look and feel, which not only increased reader engagement and trust but also preserved the magazine’s overall reading flow. This integration was crucial in making the advertisements feel like a natural part of the publication rather than disruptive insertions.

Our creative efforts included designing and producing artwork for a variety of prestigious brands such as Femfresh, Links of London, Birchbox, L’Occitane, Tena, and Clinique among others. Each promotion was carefully designed to reflect the unique identity of the brand while adhering to the visual and editorial standards of Hello! Magazine.

For Femfresh, we focused on clean and vibrant layouts that emphasised freshness and confidence. The Links of London features highlighted the elegance and sophistication of their jewellery, with an emphasis on high-quality imagery and refined typography. With Birchbox, we helped showcase the variety and excitement of their beauty subscription boxes. For L’Occitane, our designs exuded luxury. Tena’s promotions were designed to be both informative and reassuring, with a compassionate tone that resonated with the target audience. Clinique’s features highlighted their clinical precision and innovative skincare solutions, with a sleek and professional design.

Our collaborative work with Hello! Magazine enhanced the visual appeal of their promotional pages and ensured that each advertisement was engaging, trustworthy and seamlessly integrated into the magazine. This approach significantly contributed to a consistent and enjoyable reading experience.

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