Glow Recruitment


Glow Recruitment offers a personalised recruitment service to businesses across the UK, specialising in placing high-calibre candidates. Their mission is to connect exceptional talent with forward-thinking companies, fostering growth and success for both parties.

Recognising the importance of a strong brand identity, Glow Recruitment approached us to design a logo that captures the warmth and optimism associated with a new hire. The logo we designed is a true reflection of Glow Recruitment’s vibrant and dynamic nature. It features a glowing element that symbolises the bright future they promise to both employers and job seekers. The warm, radiant design evokes feelings of optimism and positivity, perfectly aligning with the company’s ethos.


This logo is crafted as a variable identity, adaptable to create various lighting scenarios, ensuring it stands out and piques curiosity in different contexts. Its versatility makes it suitable for both digital platforms and printed materials, maintaining its impact across all touch points.

The feedback from Glow Recruitment has been overwhelmingly positive. The logo has become central to their brand identity, helping to communicate their values and vision effectively.

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