Evening Standard

Keynote Presentation – The Pulse of London

We assisted the Evening Standard newspaper in creating an interactive sales tool and pitch document tailored for their sales team to use in client meetings. This tool was designed to highlight the benefits of advertising with the Evening Standard in a succinct and impactful manner, avoiding the pitfalls of slide fatigue.

Recognising the need to capture attention quickly in face-to-face settings, we ensured that the document was highly engaging and visually appealing. Key points were distilled into single, impactful facts that served as conversation starters, allowing the sales team to elaborate and discuss these points naturally. This approach fostered a more interactive and engaging sales meeting, helping to build rapport and facilitate meaningful dialogue.


In addition to the concise key points, the pitch document showcased some of the exceptional work that the Evening Standard team has produced for their advertising partners. These examples brought the newspaper’s offerings to life, demonstrating the creativity, effectiveness, and reach of their advertising solutions. By combining clear, impactful summaries with vivid examples of past successes, we created a powerful tool that supported the sales team in making compelling pitches and securing new advertising clients.

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