Hilton Hotels Newspaper Advertorial

We helped the Metro Newspaper to design a series of full-page guides, running over the course of a month, championing Hilton Hotels & Resorts destinations. Each guide highlighted key attractions and experiences that visitors can explore from the hotel location, making them perfect for a weekend getaway.

Each guide provided a comprehensive rundown of the destination’s highlights, featuring must-see attractions and the best experiences to enjoy during a weekend break. From cultural landmarks and scenic spots to unique local activities, these guides were crafted to inspire readers and help them make the most of their short stays.


The primary aim of this campaign was to drive more weekend bookings for Hilton Hotels & Resorts vdestinations. Many of these hotels, often situated in business-oriented areas, have higher availability on weekends. By showcasing the appeal of these destinations beyond the work-week, we aimed to attract leisure travellers who might not have previously considered visiting.

Through this campaign, we were able to present Hilton Hotels & Resorts as ideal bases for exploring new places and enjoying memorable experiences, thereby increasing their weekend occupancy and attracting a broader audience to their properties.

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