British Airways Newspaper Advertorial – Guide Destinations

We collaborated with Metro Newspaper to design a series of full-page guides promoting destinations served by British Airways Holidays. Each guide offers a detailed overview of a particular country or destination, highlighting top attractions and unforgettable experiences for holidaymakers.

One guide in the series spotlighted Holland, providing an in-depth look at its key attractions. This included must-see sites, cultural highlights and unique local experiences, all presented in a visually appealing format that captures the essence of the destination.


For Tenerife, we developed an illustrated map guide. Metro commissioned a talented artist to create a stunning illustration of the island, featuring its major landmarks and hidden gems. This visually engaging map not showcases Tenerife’s beauty and helps travellers discover the island’s lesser-known treasures.

Another guide focused on Orlando, detailing the exciting experiences awaiting visitors. This full-page design highlighted the fun and adventure that define Orlando, from world-famous theme parks to unique local attractions.

These guides were designed to inspire and inform readers, making it easier for them to plan their next holiday with British Airways. Our creative approach ensured that each destination was presented in a way that captivates and excites potential travellers.

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