British Airways Newspaper Advertorial – Joe Wilkinson

British Airways partnered with The Metro newspaper for an exciting, interactive campaign that put the travel plans of comedian Joe Wilkinson in the hands of Metro readers. This unique campaign not only showcased British Airways Holidays’ incredible travel packages but also engaged readers in a reactive, dynamic way.

The concept was simple yet engaging – Metro readers had the power to decide where Joe Wilkinson would travel by voting via Twitter. Once Joe arrived at his destination, readers could continue to interact by suggesting activities for him to do, using the campaign hashtag. This created a highly interactive and participatory experience that connected readers directly with the campaign.


Metro readers were presented with four exciting destinations to choose from: Prague, New York, Dubai, and Marrakech. To captivate readers and drive engagement, we created a suite of eye-catching and compelling creative elements:

  • Introductory cover: grabbed readers’ attention instantly with vibrant image and clearly communicated the campaign’s premise. Designed to highlight the allure and excitement of the four potential destinations.
  • Internal Spreads: We developed detailed and visually appealing spreads for each destination. One for each of the four destinations – as print deadlines required they were designed in advance of the Metro readership decision on a chosen destination. These spreads not only provided in-depth descriptions but also showcased the the unique experiences a British Airways Holidays weekend break can fit in. The goal was to inspire and excite readers about the possibilities of each location.
  • Digital Editions: To ensure a seamless experience across all platforms, we integrated digital versions of the print ads. This allowed readers to engage with the campaign whether they were reading the physical newspaper or its digital counterpart. The digital editions were designed to be visually engaging, enhancing the overall campaign experience.

Readers were encouraged to vote for their preferred destination via Twitter, with the added incentive of winning a British Airways holiday worth £4,000.


Once the destination was chosen, the interaction didn’t stop there. Readers could tweet suggestions for activities Joe should undertake at his destination using the campaign hashtag. This only kept the readers engaged and also showcased the diverse and exciting activities available at the destination, with hotels and flights bookable through British Airways Holidays.


The campaign was a tremendous success, driving high levels of engagement and participation from Metro readers. It not only highlighted the diverse travel packages offered by British Airways Holidays but also created a memorable and interactive experience for readers. Through creative design and strategic planning, we helped British Airways and The Metro newspaper bring this innovative campaign to life, showcasing the power of reader interaction and the joy of travel.

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