Haymarket Media Group

Video & Animation

We were commissioned to produce a video with motion graphics for the Haymarket Media Group, designed as a sales tool for pitches to potential clients. This video highlights their automotive proposition, details their market positioning, and illustrates how they connect car brands with consumers.

For 50 years, What Car? has been the UK’s leading car buying brand. Their unmatched expertise in testing new and used cars, along with their comprehensive advice and research, helps tens of thousands of motorists every month find the perfect vehicle.

PistonHeads.com was established in 1998 and is globally renowned for its large, dedicated motoring community, unique editorial voice, and extensive used car marketplace.

As the world’s first car magazine, Autocar has been a pioneer in automotive journalism for over 125 years, providing authoritative car reviews and industry-leading news.


The video showcases three of their key motoring brands and how they cover the car market to allow the car community, every day drivers and enthusiasts to learn and celebrate their passion, needs and aspirations.

The project involved incorporating footage from events and car reviews, which we then storyboarded into a cohesive video narrative. Additionally, we created a variety of motion graphics to support and enhance the sales proposition.

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