HealthNet Homecare

Branding, Print Design & Merchandise

Established in 2015, HealthNet Homecare collaborates with the NHS to deliver a wide range of essential services, including storage, home delivery options, and nurse support for patients requiring ongoing medication. Their meticulous coordination with hospital clinical and homecare teams ensures that medications and care are delivered safely, adhering to the highest industry standards and personalised care plans.

Shortly after the company’s formation, we were entrusted with creating a logo design and supporting brand identity that would capture the essence of HealthNet Homecare’s commitment to care, precision, and excellence. The brand identity was designed to reflect their dedication to providing top-tier homecare services and ensuring patient well-being.


Working with HealthNet Homecare has been a delightful and rewarding experience. From the outset, we have developed a variety of creative solutions to support their growth and visibility. This includes designing eye-catching exhibition graphics for trade shows, the design of engaging internal graphics and creating impactful large-scale wall graphics for their business premises. Additionally, we have produced promotional brochures, flyers and merchandise to enhance their brand presence at industry events.

The HealthNet Homecare team has always been a pleasure to work with, making our collaborative efforts both enjoyable and successful. Our contributions have helped to establish and maintain a strong, cohesive brand that embodies HealthNet Homecare’s high standards and compassionate approach to patient care.

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