Key Pharmaceuticals


Based in Cambridgeshire, with additional offices in Dublin and Pune, Key Pharmaceuticals has been a cornerstone in the development, manufacture, and regulatory support of generic pharmaceuticals for over 20 years. Their commitment to quality and innovation has positioned them as leaders in the pharma industry. Through their technical knowledge and regulatory expertise, Key Pharmaceuticals has successfully developed, registered and launched 22 generic drugs in the UK.

Key Pharmaceuticals approached us with a mission: to design and build a website that would serve as a comprehensive information portal. This website needed to highlight their extensive product offerings, provide detailed company information, and showcase their regulatory consultancy services.


We wanted to ensure that their dedication to excellence and innovation was evident on every page of their website. The result is a sleek, user-friendly online platform – the product section of the website is designed to offer detailed information about each generic drug, including its uses, benefits, and regulatory status. This ensures that healthcare professionals and stakeholders have easy access to the vital information they need. The website also features an engaging company overview that tells the story of Key Pharmaceuticals, from their beginnings to their current status as industry leaders.


In addition to showcasing their product line, the website emphasises the extensive regulatory consultancy services provided by Key Pharmaceuticals. Their team of experts offers invaluable support to other pharmaceutical companies, helping them navigate the complex regulatory landscape and bring their products to market efficiently and compliantly.

To ensure a smooth user experience, we incorporated intuitive navigation and vibrant visuals. This makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need, whether they are healthcare professionals looking for product details, potential clients interested in regulatory consultancy, or individuals wanting to learn more about the company’s mission and values.

The new website enhances their online presence and supports their ongoing mission to provide high-quality, affordable medications to patients across the UK.

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