City Executive Club

Business Card Design

City Executive Club epitomises exclusivity and luxury, catering to a select group of discerning individuals seeking unparalleled life experiences and networking opportunities. Founded with the aim of enriching the lives of its members, it was imperative that the branding of City Executive Club reflected its prestige and sophistication. To achieve this, we developed a brand identity that would resonate with its target audience and elevate its status in the event sector.

At the heart of the branding strategy was the creation of a logo that exuded refinement. Through a thorough design process, and careful attention to detail, we crafted a logo that encapsulated the essence of City Executive Club – sophistication, exclusivity and excellence.

In addition to the logo, we carefully selected premium card stock for the club’s collateral, ensuring that every touchpoint reflected the unparalleled quality and prestige associated with City Executive Club. The logo, embossed and foiled in silver, conveyed luxury and served as a hallmark of distinction, instantly recognisable to those in the know. From business cards to letterheads, each piece of stationery was crafted to perfection, leaving a lasting impression on recipients and reinforcing the club’s position as a leader in the luxury networking industry.

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