Ol Jogi

Business Card Design

Ol Jogi is a meticulously crafted sanctuary that spans 58,000 acres. Here, guests experience unparalleled privacy and freedom, surrounded by the beauty of nature. By booking a stay at Ol Jogi, guests contribute directly to the preservation of Africa’s most critically endangered species. The exclusive visits from tourism serve as vital support for Ol Jogi’s ongoing conservation efforts, ensuring that future generations can continue to experience the majesty of the African wilderness.

Our collaboration with Ol Jogi game reserve was more than just a design project; it was a meaningful journey towards conservation and sustainability. Tasked with designing a new identity and business cards for the reserve, we embarked on a project to reflect its core values and noble cause.


Each business card we designed features the silhouette of an animal found within the reserve, chosen by the card holder, symbolising Ol Jogi’s commitment to wildlife preservation. As a leading model for private conservation, Ol Jogi relentlessly pioneers new methods to protect wildlife and support local communities. The reserve’s ultimate goal is the responsible and sustainable preservation of natural habitats and their inhabitants.

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