Production Addicts

Stationery Design

We were commissioned to design the stationery for Production Addicts, a dynamic firm specialising in commercial production and radio sound bites. Our scope of work encompassed creating business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, continuation sheets, and memorable leave-behinds that would make a lasting impression.


Central to the branding was the unique logotype design, which featured co-joined ‘ct’ letters in each word, subtly emphasising the company’s focus on communication and clarity. This distinctive feature was echoed in the straplines, where phrases such as ‘communicate transparently’ and ‘clear thinking’ further highlighted Production Addicts’ commitment to excellence.


For the colour palette, we opted for a bold and confident combination of red and burgundy tones. This unconventional choice, paired with x-ray style monotone imagery, resulted in a striking and impactful visual identity that set Production Addicts apart. Our goal throughout the project was to create stationery that not only reflected Production Addicts’ innovative approach but also conveyed their professionalism and expertise. The final design successfully captured the essence of the brand, leaving a memorable impression.

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