EMAP, a prominent publisher with a diverse portfolio of trade press titles, sought to streamline their sales processes. Recognising the need for a portable sales tool that could effectively showcase their products and facilitate lead generation, EMAP turned to us for assistance.

We embarked on a collaborative effort to design and build a website tailored to their specific needs. Our primary objective was to create a centralised platform for the sales team to access information about EMAP’s publications. We crafted a dynamic website that seamlessly integrated with EMAP’s existing Sales Force system. This integration enabled EMAP to effectively manage and track leads and optimise their sales efforts.

In addition to functionality, we prioritised flexibility and scalability in the website’s design. By implementing our proprietary CMS (Content Management System), we enabled EMAP with full editorial control over the website, allowing them to manage content, update information, and adapt to evolving market dynamics. Moreover, the CMS architecture was designed to provide each internal trade press brand within EMAP with autonomy over their respective products and sales channels, ensuring efficient management and customisation at the brand level.

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