Hilton had an ambitious goal: to introduce a branded credit card that would integrate with their existing loyalty program, offering customers enhanced benefits and rewards. Recognising the importance of customer engagement and adoption, Hilton sought to validate the potential success of this initiative before its official launch.

To achieve this, we collaborated closely with Hilton and their credit card partner to develop a comprehensive campaign strategy. Central to this strategy was the creation of a dedicated microsite, designed to engage customers and drive sign-ups for the new credit card.


Our first step was to leverage Hilton’s customer data to generate personalised URLs (PURLs) for each target audience segment. These PURLs served as the entry point to the campaign, allowing us to track individual engagement and measure the effectiveness of our efforts.
In parallel, we provided valuable insights and guidance to Hilton’s design agency, ensuring that the direct mail (DM) piece accurately conveyed the PURL to the recipient and the value proposition of the credit card.

The personalised microsite included the benefits of the credit card, explore exclusive offers, and easy sign up for the loyalty program. To monitor the campaign’s performance and ROI, we implemented robust tracking mechanisms within the microsite, capturing key metrics such as website visits, sign-up conversions, and engagement levels. These insights were then synthesised into comprehensive reports, providing Hilton with actionable data to optimise their marketing efforts and drive continued success.

By orchestrating a multifaceted campaign strategy and leveraging advanced digital tools, we helped Hilton successfully launch their branded credit card initiative, driving customer engagement and laying the foundation for long-term loyalty and growth

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