We collaborated with HTC to develop a dynamic microsite dedicated to showcasing the innovative features of their flagship device, the HTC One. Our objective was to create an immersive digital experience that would captivate users and highlight the device’s cutting-edge technology and design.

In addition to the immersive 360-degree view, the microsite also housed a curated selection of videos, offering in-depth demonstrations of the HTC One’s standout features and functionalities. From its advanced camera capabilities to its innovative user interface, these videos provided users with a comprehensive overview of the device’s capabilities and performance.

With a blend of engaging visuals and content, the microsite served as a digital showcase for the HTC One, positioning it as a standout contender in the competitive smartphone market. By leveraging interactive elements and multimedia assets, we ensured that visitors were not only informed but also inspired by the device’s unique value proposition and potential.

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