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OYSTERBAR by Watches of Knightsbridge presents a curated selection of vintage Rolex Oyster watches, available for direct purchase both online and in-store by appointment. The collection encompasses classic and professional models, featuring various Datejust iterations and popular sports model references. With a keen focus on date of manufacture, OYSTERBAR simplifies the search for specific-year vintage Rolexes, catering to personal milestones or thoughtful gifts. Recognising Rolex watches as valuable investments, OYSTERBAR emphasises the importance of purchasing from reputable sources. As vintage Rolex specialists, OYSTERBAR ensures authenticity and quality, establishing itself as a trusted leader in the industry.


Our task was to craft a brand identity that resonates with the discerning Rolex watch-buying audience. Collaborating closely with the client, we aimed to develop a distinctive look and feel that instantly conveys trust and credibility within the vintage Rolex market.


The client sought a well-positioned brand and e-commerce website capable of showcasing fresh stock regularly. Reflecting the premium nature of the watches, the website design prioritised large, high-quality photography and detailed descriptions for informed purchasing decisions.


In our approach to the website design and build project for OYSTERBAR by Watches of Knightsbridge, we began by immersing ourselves in the world of vintage Rolex watches. Understanding the unique characteristics and appeal of these timepieces was crucial to crafting a brand and website that resonated with the target audience.

Collaborating closely with the client, we refined the brand identity to ensure it exuded trustworthiness and expertise in the vintage Rolex space. This involved extensive discussions and iterations to capture the essence of the brand and its values.

In terms of website design, our focus was on creating an immersive and intuitive user experience. We implemented a clean and elegant design that showcased the premium quality of the watches. Large, high-quality images were used to highlight each watch, accompanied by detailed descriptions to assist potential buyers in making informed decisions.

E-commerce functionality was a key consideration, given the need for regular updates to the inventory. We integrated robust e-commerce features that allowed for easy management of stock and seamless transactions, ensuring a smooth purchasing process for customers.

Throughout the project, we prioritised responsiveness and performance, conducting thorough testing across various devices and platforms to guarantee optimal functionality and accessibility. Continuous optimisation efforts were made to enhance user satisfaction and maximise the effectiveness of the website.

Our approach was guided by a commitment to understanding the client’s goals and delivering a website that not only met but exceeded expectations in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and user experience.

Our task was to craft a brand identity that resonates with the discerning Rolex watch-buying audience. Collaborating closely with the client, we aimed to develop a distinctive look and feel that instantly conveys trust and credibility within the vintage Rolex market.


The website and branding, can be visited at oysterbar.watch. The design phase started by creating wireframes and mockups based on the refined brand identity and user experience goals. Iterative design reviews and feedback sessions with the client ensured that the final design met their expectations and captured the essence of the OYSTERBAR brand.

Once the design was approved, our development team got to work, to build out a robust and scalable e-commerce platform. Customisations were made to accommodate the unique requirements of the vintage Rolex market, such as the ability to filter watches by date of manufacture.

Upon successful completion of testing, the website was launched, with our team providing comprehensive training and support to the client’s staff to ensure they were equipped to manage and maintain the site effectively.

Post-launch, we continued to monitor the website’s performance and user feedback in collaboration with the client, making refinements and optimisations as needed to ensure ongoing success and customer satisfaction.

Through meticulous planning, diligent execution, and a relentless focus on quality, we were able to deliver a website that exceeded the client’s expectations and positioned OYSTERBAR by Watches of Knightsbridge as a trusted destination for vintage Rolex enthusiasts.


We refined a new logo, corporate brand guidelines, website design and development.


Several challenges were overcome during the execution of the project. Firstly, technical customisations were required to adapt the e-commerce platform for the unique demands of the vintage Rolex market. This included implementing advanced filtering options to help visitors find the Rolex they are looking for. Additionally, providing comprehensive training and support to the client’s team for managing the website posed its own challenges. Finally, continuous improvement post-launch, involving monitoring the website performance and incorporating user feedback for refinements in an ongoing collaboration, that is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

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