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In 1979, at the height of disco fever, Pineapple Studios opened its doors in Covent Garden, Langley Street. That same year, Debbie Moore OBE introduced the first Pineapple logo streetwear, including sweats, trackpants, and t-shirts, marking the beginning of a globally acclaimed, best-selling streetwear range. This pivotal moment set the stage for Pineapple to become a household name. For more about the evolution of Pineapple, visit the Pineapple timeline.

Debbie Moore and the Pineapple team approached us to redesign their website, as the previous version had reached its end of life. This project encompasses two distinct facets of the Pineapple brand: the dance studios and the apparel line. The dance studios are central to Pineapple’s brand, offering dance classes, studio rentals to production companies for rehearsals and a loyal community of dance teachers. The other half of Pineapple’s brand focuses on dance-oriented apparel designed for professional dancers who seek authentic clothing for studio sessions and lifestyle wear.


We started by understanding the core needs and objectives of both facets of the brand. This involved conducting stakeholder interviews with Pineapple’s team to gather insights and performing a competitive analysis to benchmark against industry standards. We created wireframes to establish the basic structure and layout of the website, developing user flows to ensure an intuitive user experience and iterating on wireframe designs based on feedback from Pineapple’s team.


Once the wireframes were approved, we refined them into detailed designs for the website’s pages, applying Pineapple’s brand identity to the digital platform and ensuring that the design catered to both the dance studio’s operational needs and the e-commerce requirements of the apparel line. We then partnered with ‘We Make Websites’ for the build, leveraging their expertise to maintain the existing Shopify e-commerce infrastructure. This decision facilitated a smoother transition by minimising disruption to Pineapple’s ongoing e-commerce operations and ensuring compatibility with existing systems and processes.

Throughout the development phase, we helped with rigorous testing to ensure the website’s functionality met the highest standards and seamless integration between the dance studio and e-commerce sections.

The redesigned website offers a streamlined, user-friendly interface for both dance studio bookings and apparel purchases. The visually appealing design and improved functionality have resulted in higher user engagement and satisfaction, and maintaining the Shopify infrastructure ensured operational continuity and ease of management for Pineapple’s team. By collaborating closely with Pineapple and We Make Websites, we delivered a robust digital solution that reflects Pineapple’s vibrant brand and supports its diverse operational needs.

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