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Introducing Institution Quraysh for Law & Policy (iQ), a leading global organisation specialising in law and public policy research and services. Founded in 2005 under a special charter, iQ boasts an esteemed international reputation for championing the Rule of Law worldwide.

With a steadfast commitment to promoting legal integrity and policy excellence, iQ has earned acclaim for its profound impact on legal frameworks and policies. Offering unparalleled expertise in law, political economy, policy, regulation, culture, and economics, iQ is dedicated to facilitating effective dispute resolution and fostering sustainable legal solutions.


We were involved in creating a distinctive logo and complementary brand assets to establish a lasting and recognisable brand identity adaptable across various mediums. This encompassed not only designing and up-keeping a website but also developing stationery, report covers, and branded merchandise to ensure cohesive brand representation.


The client aimed to establish a flexible and easily identifiable brand that represents their esteemed position, coupled with comprehensive website design and development. These assets were essential for ensuring consistent communication among team members and creating tangible records of the group’s endeavours.


Our strategy involved a comprehensive approach, integrating design and development, crafting a logo and associated brand assets that not only made a lasting impact but also resonated across diverse media channels.

Initially, we conducted extensive consultations with the client to fully grasp their vision, goals, and target audience. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and iterative feedback, we identified key brand characteristics and design preferences that guided our creative evolution.

With a clear understanding of the client’s needs, we embarked on the creative process of logo design and brand asset development. Drawing on our expertise in graphic design and branding, we explored various concepts and visual elements to encapsulate the essence and values of Institution Quraysh.


The website and branding, is viewable at quraysh.com. The design reflects an understanding of the diverse global audience and the challenges the clients face.

With a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, we worked on the initial logo designs and brand asset development. Leveraging our expertise in logo design and branding, we explored various concepts and visual elements to encapsulate the essence of Institution Quraysh.

Thereafter, our team delved into the realm of website design and development. This digital platform served as a dynamic hub for communication, enabling the team to showcase their efforts and engage with stakeholders effectively.

In essence, our approach to the project was rooted in collaboration, creativity, and attention to detail. By aligning our strategies with the client’s objectives and leveraging our expertise in design and digital development, we were able to deliver a comprehensive brand identity and digital ecosystem that surpassed expectations and empowered Institution Quraysh to advance their dedication to the Rule of Law.


We created a memorable logo, brand identity, website design and development. We designed and built HTML email communications. We also created a range of printed assets including corporate stationery and promotional merchandise.


In taking on the Institution Quraysh corporate identity project, our team faced numerous challenges, from tight deadlines to a culturally diverse audience. Through open communication and agile methodologies, we swiftly adapted to changing requirements, ensuring alignment with the client’s vision. Emphasising efficiency and collaboration, we coordinated efforts to craft a flexible logo and brand assets suited for diverse media platforms.

Despite project complexities, our proactive approach enabled us to surmount obstacles and achieve the client’s objectives effectively.

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