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The Scotia Group, was founded in 2021 by Professor Malik Dahlan. It serves as a dynamic assembly of former heads of state, political leaders, distinguished academics, and climate governance experts. This esteemed consortium was established with a bold mission: to curate innovative ideas and insights aimed at enriching and informing the global inter-governmental COP process, particularly in light of the imminent COP26.

The Scotia Group has convened a series of impactful online Climate Majlis Dialogues, fostering robust discussions among its esteemed members. These dialogues serve as a platform for deliberating on the pressing climate challenges of our time and generating forward-thinking solutions. The overarching objective is to catalyse the transformative change necessary to address the urgency of the climate crisis, all while respecting existing consensus frameworks.


The challenge was to design a logo and supporting brand assets, to create a memorable and enduring brand that works well on a range of media. This included creating and maintaining a website, printed reports and supporting case studies of the dialogue outcomes.


The client sought an adaptable and recognisable brand, along with supporting website design and development, interactive case studies that captured the nuance of discussions. These assets were critical for consistent communication for the team involved to create tangible records of the groups efforts. Additionally, a report was produced that summarised the learnings and forms a roadmap for future endeavours.


We recognised the multifaceted nature of the challenge at hand: to craft a logo and supporting brand assets that not only left a lasting impression but also resonated across various media platforms. Our strategy encompassed a holistic approach, integrating design, development, whilst working with content partners to ensure a cohesive and impactful brand presence.

Firstly we engaged in comprehensive consultations with the client to fully understand their vision, objectives, and audience. Through collaborative brainstorming sessions and iterative feedback, we honed in on key brand attributes and aesthetic preferences that would inform our design process.

With a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, we embarked on the creative journey of logo design and brand asset development. Leveraging our expertise in graphic design and branding, we explored various concepts and visual elements to encapsulate the essence of the Scotia Group’s mission and values.


The website and branding, is viewable at The design reflects an understanding of the diverse global audience, catering to both participants and attendees.

With a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, we worked on the initial logo designs and brand asset development. Leveraging our expertise in logo design and branding, we explored various concepts and visual elements to encapsulate the essence of the Scotia Group’s mission and values.

Simultaneously, our team delved into the realm of website design and development. We crafted a series of user-centric interactive case studies, allowing for the nuanced exploration of the Scotia Group dialogue outcomes. This digital platform served as a dynamic hub for communication, enabling the team to showcase their efforts and engage with stakeholders effectively.

Furthermore, we designed an extensive printed report, distilling the complexities of discussions into a tangible record of the group’s endeavours. These reports not only provided valuable insights but also laid the groundwork for future initiatives, forming a roadmap for continued progress and collaboration.

In essence, our approach to the project was rooted in collaboration, creativity, and attention to detail. By aligning our strategies with the client’s objectives and leveraging our expertise in design and digital development, we were able to deliver a comprehensive brand identity and digital ecosystem that surpassed expectations and empowered the Scotia Group to advance their mission with confidence.


We create a memorable logo, brand identity, website design and development. We also created a range of printed assets including an extensive report and a range of promotional merchandise.


In tackling the Scotia Group project, our team navigated multiple challenges, including tight deadlines and a diverse range of stakeholders. We maintained open communication channels and employed agile methodologies to adapt to evolving requirements, ensuring alignment with the client’s vision. With a focus on efficiency and collaboration, we coordinated efforts to design a versatile logo and brand assets that resonated across various media platforms. From website development to interactive case studies, we delivered a comprehensive digital solution that captured the essence of the Climate Majlis Dialogues. Despite the complexity of the project, our proactive approach enabled us to overcome obstacles and meet the client’s objectives effectively. Through strategic planning and meticulous execution, we successfully translated intricate discussions into tangible outcomes, culminating in a detailed report that served as a roadmap for future initiatives. Overall, our ability to navigate challenges and deliver results underscored our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction in every aspect of the Scotia Group project.

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