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Over the course of 6 months, The Metro Newspaper and Heineken joined forces to present ‘London Unlocked,’ a weekly series designed to showcase the best activities and events in the capital. We had the pleasure of designing these double-page spreads, bringing to life the dynamic and diverse opportunities London has to offer, all while keeping everything on brand for Heineken and appropriate for press in the Metro.

‘London Unlocked’ was more than a list of events – it was a curated guide to the city’s most exciting experiences:


  • Weekly highlights: Each double-page spread featured the top activities for the week, giving readers a comprehensive look at what to do in London from Monday to Sunday. This included everything from concerts and theatre shows to food festivals and cultural events.
  • Special entries and guest lists: We provided insider knowledge on how to gain special entry to exclusive events and be added to coveted guest lists. This information added an extra layer of appeal, giving readers a sense of being in the know.
  • Venue openings and hidden gems: The spreads also covered recent venue openings, showcasing new places to explore, and highlighted hidden gems that even seasoned Londoners might not have discovered yet.

To make sure each spread was engaging and visually appealing, we employed a variety of design styles and elements:

  • Full-colour designs: With vibrant images and graphics to capture the essence of the events and activities. This approach made the pages pop and drew readers in.
  • Variety of Styles: The spreads had a consistent look and feel that stayed on brand for Heineken. Each page featured a slightly distressed, collage aesthetic, capturing the diverse and dynamic nature of the events.
  • Maximising Space: The double-page format allowed us to maximise the available space, ensuring that each day was given its due attention and that the layout was both informative and visually balanced.

Heineken sponsored events

In addition to the editorial content, the spreads included advertisements for unique Heineken-sponsored events:

  • Exclusive Access: These ads provided information on special Heineken events, offering readers the chance to gain entry to exclusive happenings sponsored by the brand. This not only promoted Heineken’s involvement in the local scene but also tied in seamlessly with the overall theme of uncovering the best of London.
  • Integrated design: The ads were designed to fit seamlessly within the spreads, maintaining a cohesive look and feel while still standing out to ensure they captured the reader’s attention.

The ‘London Unlocked’ series was a resounding success, capturing the excitement of the city and providing readers with a valuable guide to making the most of their play times in London. It was a great project to work on, allowing us to blend creativity with strategic design to produce something both useful and visually stunning.

Partnering with The Metro and Heineken, we were able to deliver a campaign that highlighted the best of the capital and reinforced Heineken’s brand presence in a fun and engaging way. This project truly unlocked the potential of summer in London, offering a vibrant snapshot of the city.

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