Lidl Newspaper Advertorial

We had the pleasure of working on a long-running, bi-weekly campaign for Lidl in collaboration with Metro Newspaper. This campaign was not only engaging and diverse but also came with the challenge of strict deadlines and continuously evolving themes, often tailored to seasonal events.

These campaigns were incredibly fun to work on due to their varied and dynamic content. Our team worked closely with Lidl to develop editorial content that supported in-store themes, so that each edition was relevant and timely. This collaboration required an understanding of Lidl’s brand and the ability to translate their in-store promotions into specific editorial pieces.

One of the standout features of this campaign was the specialty wine column, “Vin ‘o’ Clock.” This column championed Lidl’s impressive wine selection, setting a high standard for quality and variety. Another notable project was the Christmas double-page spread, which provided readers with hints and tips for a relaxing holiday season, all while showcasing the best produce Lidl had to offer.

Throughout the campaign, we covered a wide range of themes, including:

  • Greek Week, highlighting Lidl’s Greek product range and bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to readers.
  • Valentine’s Day, offering romantic meal ideas and gift suggestions.
  • USA Week, featuring party food and drink ideas to help readers enjoy the Super Bowl games in London.
  • Celebration of Eastern Cuisine, exploring the rich and diverse flavours of Eastern cuisine available at Lidl.

Content was carefully curated to resonate with readers and timed to promote Lidl’s themed week offerings. Designed to be visually appealing and informative, driving reader engagement and highlighting Lidl’s commitment to quality and variety.

Working on these bi-weekly campaigns for Lidl was a rewarding experience, allowing us to showcase our creativity and adaptability while supporting Lidl’s marketing objectives in collaboration with Metro Newspaper.

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