Onken – Digital Publishing

In collaboration with Metro, we developed an exciting project centred around Onken, the beloved yogurt brand. Our mission was to create a captivating microsite housed within Metro’s digital publishing app, featuring a series of uplifting ‘Just Good News’ stories aimed at promoting Onken and fostering social media engagement.

The microsite served as a dynamic platform for showcasing Onken’s positive impact and inviting consumers to join in the celebration. In addition to sharing heartwarming stories, the microsite also played a pivotal role in driving social media engagement on Facebook. Visitors were encouraged to participate in an interactive competition hosted on the microsite, offering them the chance to win exciting prizes while spreading positivity across their social networks.

Through strategic storytelling and integration within Metro’s digital app, we created a compelling microsite experience that celebrated Onken’s brand ethos and connected with consumers. The collaboration between Onken and Metro resulted in increased brand visibility and heightened engagement – a testament to the power of storytelling in modern marketing.


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