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We were asked to produce a series of engaging interactive advertorial pieces, to support a Weetabix campaign published in the Metro Newspaper. We designed and built the entire experience for both tablet and phone. This was available to view through Metro’s app on both Android and iOS devices. We were also responsible for the creative concept, illustrations and art direction for the series, that highlighted the importance of a meal at breakfast time, and raising brand awareness for Weetabix ‘on the go’

When asked to create a series of interactive advertorial pieces for Weetabix’s campaign in the Metro Newspaper, we embraced the challenge. Our aim was to craft engaging digital experiences that seamlessly integrated with the Metro’s app, captivating readers on both Android and iOS devices.


From conceptualisation to execution, our team were responsible for the creative process – including compelling visuals and interactive elements. We designed and built the user experience to ensure optimal functionality across tablet and mobile.

Drawing inspiration from Weetabix’s brand ethos and the campaign’s message, we curated a series of narratives that underscored the importance of a nutritious breakfast, particularly for working Mum’s leading busy lifestyles. Through illustrations and art direction, we brought these stories to life, effectively conveying the brand’s commitment to providing a convenient and wholesome breakfast.

The result was a series of interactive advertorials that not only captured the attention of Metro readers but also effectively raised brand awareness for Weetabix ‘on the go’. By harnessing the power of digital storytelling and interactive design, we successfully delivered a campaign that drove engagement and brand loyalty.

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