Monarch Airlines

Magazine Design

When Monarch Airlines approached us to design their in-flight magazine, we knew we were in for a challenging yet rewarding project. Produced on a quarterly basis, the magazine needed to embody the evolution of Monarch Airlines as they approached their 50th anniversary. This was a unique opportunity to reflect the rich history and forward-looking vision of a well-loved airline.

For any design studio, this type of project is a dream job. It offered creative freedom and featured carefully crafted articles about exciting travel destinations served by Monarch Airlines, along with fascinating facts about the airline itself. The magazine included fun sections like kids’ activities and event highlights, capturing the thrill of discovering new places to visit.


However, the project also presented several technical challenges. The magazine had to be printed on lightweight paper, as every gram on board impacts fuel consumption and flight costs. This constraint affected the colour profiles, requiring us to achieve the best print quality on a lightweight stock. Additionally, the magazine needed to be durable, as it would be handled by numerous passengers during its lifecycle, rather than just one reader like many other publications. These were significant hurdles we needed to overcome to ensure a high-quality final product.

Sadly, this exciting project coincided with the end of Monarch Airlines’ journey. While we were working on the magazine, the airline went into receivership, marking the unfortunate loss of another British airline. Despite this, we are proud of the work we did and the opportunity to contribute to Monarch Airlines’ legacy, even as it came to an end.

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